Quality Assurance

Voicevale believes consistency of good quality and food safe products can only be achieved by ensuring the whole of the supply chain applies internationally recognized quality standards and procedures.

We start by encouraging our suppliers to take into consideration Good Agricultural Practices that integrate biodiversity and ecosystem management for sustainable crops, when sourcing their raw material.

Our BRC / IFS Certification for Agents and Brokers forms the basis of our supplier approval. We believe it absolutely essential that factories apply HACCP principles and strive towards obtaining a recognized Food Quality Certification standard such as ISO 22000, BRC or equivalent GFSI certifications.

Voicevale is committed to sourcing products from suppliers worldwide who demonstrate compliance to our quality requirements and have adopted one or more of the above principles.

As part of our initial and ongoing supplier approval, our Quality Departments in each of our offices monitor, risk assess and audit our suppliers at all origin countries on a regular basis to ensure we receive consistent quality and food safe products every time.

Upon arrival to our warehouses, products are inspected against our specifications and routinely tested at accredited laboratories to ensure they meet Food Laws prior to our positive release into the food chain.

Quality Assurance departments in each of our offices, shows our group’s commitment to ensuring supplying good quality products and always with food safety in mind.

Our own BRC and IFS trained colleagues in Quality Control departments in each office, are in charge of positively releasing our goods to customers once tested on arrival.

This includes ensuring our warehouses are accredited, our contracted hauliers adhere to strict food safety standards.

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