Voicevale Group enters into a strategic partnership with Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan

8 June, 2011

Voicevale has entered into a strategic partnership with Toyota Tsusho of Japan by selling 20% of its shareholding.

Specialist importers of nuts, dried fruits & seeds, with offices in London, Paris, Hamburg and Beijing, Voicevale currently imports and distributes 55,000 tonnes of products to confectionery industries, breakfast cereal and biscuit manufacturers, retail packers, processors, and wholesalers. Voicevale’s turnover is in excess of $ 225 million.

Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan, (a trading company within the Toyota group) handles more than 25,000 tonnes of nuts and dried fruits in Japan and worldwide with a turnover of $ 125 million in this division alone.

Toyota Tsusho Corporation has seven divisions : produce & foodstuffs, metals, global production parts & logistics, automotive, machinery, energy & project, chemicals & electronics and consumer products.

The new alliance will focus on expanding Voicevale Group’s product offerings, benefiting from Toyota Tsusho’s expertise in numerous food joint ventures they have around the globe.

Voicevale and Toyota Tsusho also plan to actively pursue opportunities to invest in upstream projects in origin countries to add value to their strategic alliance.

Strategic partnership with Toyota Tsusho