Our Current Vacancies

Sustainability Manager

We are looking for a person who should :

  • know all about the United Nation SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS :
  • be able to Identify which goal is material to our industry and Voicevale group.
  • know how to
    • Apply Management tools to:
      • Identify areas that are material to the company’s strategic priorities
      • Collect and analyse the current information
      • Create targets that evaluate the sustainability performance of the company on
        • Social issues
        • Environmental issues
        • Ethical issues
      • Establish accountabilities
      • Set up reporting to monitor progress.

As well as reviewing and creating strategies for the group, the job also extends to marketing sustainability campaigns to internal and external stakeholders.

Working closely with colleagues, suppliers and customers, and in some cases the press, the person will also educate and inform them on the changes we are looking to implement and how they will impact the environment and workplace.

Salary : Negotiable depending on experience in this field.

Location: Anywhere around the world, but ideally by one of our offices in London, Paris, Hamburg, Beijing, Istanbul or La Paz.

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Sustainability Manager