TTC President visit to Voicevale

13 September, 2023

Voicevale London was honoured to have received a visit from Ichiro Kashitani, the President & CEO of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan. Toyota Tsusho have been shareholders of Voicevale since 2011 and we are delighted that our relationship is as strong as ever. Kashitani-san was accompanied by Hiroshi Yonenaga, Division CEO of Toyota Tsusho, Food & Consumer Services division, Hiromasa Ishii, Toyota Tsusho Regional Officer for Europe, President of Toyota Tsusho Europe, & Managing Director of Toyota Tsusho UK , Hiroshi Hattori, Head of Administrative Division of Toyota Tsusho Europe & Deputy Managing Director of Toyota Tsusho UK and Hajime Umino, Toyota Tsusho appointed as Voicevale Chief business Development Officer.