Organic Sourcing

From our early beginnings in the early 1980s when the concept of organic foods was in its infancy, Voicevale forged close relationships with various bodies around the Globe and imported Organic products alongside conventional ones.

Group companies and their certification bodies:

Voicevale London are with the Organic Food federation

Voicevale Hamburg are with ABCert

Voicevale France are with Ecocert

The responsibility we feel in sourcing Organic produce is immense.

Our role , in challenging parts of the world like Bolivia , Peru , China start by our own staff inspecting and sampling each and every container prior to shipment and giving permission to ship only when accredited laboratories like Galab, SGS have given an acceptable reading on the extensive tests we undertake.

Our role does not end there. We are acutely aware of the possibility of accidental cross contamination of pesticides in certain areas of the world where we are having to farm organic produce near conventional fields. It is with this in mind that our Quality Assurance colleagues and product managers continuously visit and audit farms and factories to ensure compliance with current regulations.

Our attention to detail on Organic does not necessarily stop at EU regulations level. We also provide some products with stricter certifications than EU standards like “Naturland”.

Voicevale are committed to continuously enlarging our current sourcing capabilities to new geographical areas providing our food technologists are satisfied with the quality and sustainability of the organic source.

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Voicevale France BioSuisse certificate