Corporate Social Responsibility

Long before Corporate Social Responsibility became a buzz word, we at Voicevale group had introduced a number self-regulations into our business model that went beyond what was required by regulatory or environmental protection groups.

Responsibility towards the communities that we work with, especially in far flanks of the world, responsibility towards ecological and social environments that we operate in have for long been part of our philosophy, our human responsibility.

The group embraces principles of sound, ethical and environmental management practices by working with local groups in origin countries and help provide sustainable developments.

We source Fairtrade products where we can and as claimed by the Fair Trade organisation, consequently help increase standards of living and reduce risk and vulnerability for farmers and workers.

Voicevale London and Voicevale Hamburg are Fair trade certified.

During our regular visits to suppliers, we also aim to influence and improve working and employment conditions, ensuring workers are treated fairly and ethically by employers. We monitor suppliers to ensure their active compliance with regulations. Avoidance of injury at work, access to medical care, the provision of social benefits have been some of our priorities when assessing the suitability of new suppliers. We always make it clear that exploitation and abuse of the workforce and the use of child labour are not acceptable and that adoption of proper employment practices are paramount in ensuring acceptable ethical standards and approval to become a Voicevale supplier.

Corporate social responsibilitya
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