About Voicevale

We are Importers and Distributors of Nuts, Dried Fruits, Seeds and Coffee to industries around the world.

Our local subsidiaries, armed with local knowledge and proximity to customers, provide just in time deliveries to Packers for retailers, Confectionery and Breakfast cereal manufacturers, Wholesalers, Processors and Distributors around the globe.

We provide a service which aims to ensure food safety in products, price stability, knowledge of impending markets as well as future demand & supply dynamics allowing buyers to take informed decisions. We also provide credit where needed to ensure customer resources are efficiently managed.

We are not traders in the traditional sense. We have upstream investments in factories at origin countries to ensure increased control of the products we buy. We also have downstream investments in companies where we can add value to their final products.

Nuts and Dried Fruit

Our Offices

Voicevale London

Voicevale London was established in 1981. Our original office was a small room in an office building in Kilburn, North West London. We continued renting offices until February 2017 when we bought our own building, Voicevale House in Edgware, Middlesex.

Roby DanonManaging Director
Linda BarrettFinancial Controller
Cho HoOperations Director
Edward DanonDirector
Hirohito MizutaniDirector
Hajime UminoChief Business Development Officer
Ömer OktaySustainability Manager

Roby Danon

Edward Danon

Linda Barrett

Cho Ho

Hirohito Mizutani

Hajime Umino

Ömer Oktay

Our Product Managers are: Cho Ho (Director), Vittorio Friedmann, Onur Bharucha, Graham Western, Edward Danon (Director), Maria Mourmoura, Dean Galang & Sidney Bilmen

Vittorio Friedmann

Onur Bharucha

Graham Western

Maria Mourmoura

Dean Galang

Sidney Bilmen

Our Technical Department are: Amit Vara (Manager), Cristina Gramada and Ajeet Vaghji

Amit, Cristina and Ajeet

Voicevale London

Voicevale France

Voicevale France the group’s first subsidiary office was established in 1993 in Paris just by the Eiffel Tower, with Alexis Sumar. Voicevale France are primarily involved in supplying customers in French, Spanish, Italian and Belgian markets.

Alexis SumarManaging Director
Philippe TruffierTrading Director
Gwenaelle PrioulFinancial Controller

Alexis Sumar

Philippe Truffier

Our Product Managers are: Alexis Sumar (Director), Philippe Truffier (Director), Christophe Jury & Katia Sumar.

Christophe Jury

Katia Sumar

Our Technical Department:

Emilie Francoise

Voicevale France

Voicevale Germany

Voicevale Germany was our next subsidiary office, opened in 1999 in Hamburg, with Berndt Glissmann who had previously worked in the Dried Fruits industry in Germany as a trader for 16 years.

Berndt GlissmannManaging Director
Andreas WarnkeSales Director
Gaby RhodeFinancial Controller

Berndt Glissmann

Andreas Warnke

Our Product Managers are: Berndt Glissmann (Director), Andreas Warnke (Director), Rudolf Meincke, Daniel Theissen & Cornelia Lenschow.

Rudolf Meincke

Daniel Theissen

Cornelia Lenschow

Our Technical Department:

Duerten Moellgaard

Eva Schmuckall

Voicevale Germany Office

Voicevale China

Voicevale China opened its office in Beijing in 1996. In its early years, the company acted as a rep office for the Group companies and sourced and controlled the quality of various commodities. In 2008 Voicevale Beijing became a fully fledged subsidiary of the group and started importing Nuts and Dried fruits to sell to manufacturing customers and packers throughout China.

Catherine (Sun Bu Fang)General Manager
Tony LiDeputy General Manager
Wu HuaFinancial Controller




Our Product Managers are: Catherine, Ivy, Helen, Lu Jun & Michelle







Voicevale Beijing

Voicevale Turkey

Voicevale Turkey was established in 2012 in Istanbul together with Eytan Aji. After thirty years of purchasing Nuts & Dried fruits from Turkey, we decided to establish an office in Istanbul to benefit from the increased awareness of the Turkish consumers in produce that are grown all around the world. The company specialises in Super foods and Coffee, as well as traditional Almonds, Cashews, Brazil nuts and Seeds.

Eytan AjiManaging Director
Erdem KoylanSales Director
Melih SökerFinance & Accounting Manager

Eytan Aji

Erdem Koylan

Melih Söker

Our Product Managers are: Eytan Aji (Director), Erdem Koylan (Director), Mahmut Hız, Mehmet Torun & Reane Takhtarova.

Voicevale Turkey

Voicevale Bolivia

Voicevale Bolivia was established in 2017 in La Paz, together with Marcelo Sapienza, a very well connected Bolivian business man. Marcelo’s knowledge of local producers will help the group invest in land in South America and help us grow our own seeds to offer full traceability to buyers around the world.

Marcelo SapienzaManaging Director
Norio KanashiroLogistics co-ordinator

Voicevale Bolivia offcie


Voicevale is a member of the Nut Association, The National Dried Fruits Association in the UK, Sedex, The Organic Food Federation and the INC.