Partner Factories

Bolivian Brazil Nut Factory

This factory is located in Northern Bolivia. Established in 1992, it is a leading Brazil Nut producer, not only in Bolivia but also in the whole Amazonia. The factory has been audited and approved by major European industrial users and has been the first to bring true quality assurance and accurate specification into what has previously been a cottage type industry.

Chinese Apple Dice Factory

This factory is located in Central China. Established in the year 2002, it is the most modern plant in the Chinese Apple Dice industry. Having been exclusively equipped with stainless steel machines and drying equipment, its quality assurance systems and production techniques are all in accordance with established European Industry Standards.

Chinese Pine Nuts Factory

This factory is situated in Liaoning Province of China . Unlike other smaller factories, this factory is totally integrated. It cracks the in-shell, sorts , clean and packs the seeds for final markets in Europe and the United States.

Chinese Pumpkin Seeds Factory

This factory situated in Wuwei, Gansu province . It’s owner is the pioneer of Grown Without Shell Pumpkin seeds in China, having imported and planted those seeds from Central Europe many years ago. The factory processes Shiny skin as well as Grown without shell variety seeds and is equipped with the least technology.

Chinese Sunflower Kernels Factory

This factory is in the Heilongjiang Province, in the North East of China. It produces Sunflower Seeds without any manual handling from cracking to packing the final product via four colour sorters as well as two X Ray machines .

Philippine Banana Chips Factory

This factory is located in Luzon island in the Philippines. It produces excellent quality Banana Chips. An enormous amount of investment has gone into this factory enabling them to produce Banana Chips with revolutionary techniques and equipment which even boasts an X Ray machine. It is the first of its kind in such an established and traditional industry where most of the bananas are hand fried.

Philippine Desiccated Coconut Factory

This factory is located in Luzon island, in the Philippines. It is a leading Desiccated Coconut and Coconut chip producer with three dedicated production lines. The factory was one of the first to have been Mars approved and has been extremely successful in selling into major European and American buyers. Thanks to its excellent Quality Assurance managers and labour relations the factory is well known in producing a consistently good quality product.

Thai Tropical Fruits Packing Factory

This factory is located in Southern Thailand. Established in 1992 , it has become a leader in its field in producing high quality Tropical Dried Fruits, not previously seen in European markets. Its high quality control standards have meant a very successful launch of these products in Europe.

Turkish Apricot Kernel Blanching Factory

This factory is located in Malatya, Turkey . It is the only totally dedicated Apricot Kernel blanching factory in Europe. The factory has established full traceability on its final product by sourcing from farmers and cracking its own raw material at its sister factory on the same site. Having been established in late 2004, it is currently undergoing its HACCP and ISO accreditation and has already supplied major food manufacturers in Europe and the United States.

Turkish Dried Apricots Factory

This factory is located in Western Turkey. Established in 1985, it specializes in Diced Apricots primarily for the Cereal manufacturing industries in Europe and the United States. The factory, a pioneer in its particular market in achieving a very high quality standard in diced apricots has been approved by all major food manufacturing industries.

Turkish Hazelnut Paste Factory

This factory is located in Trabzon, Turkey. Its current design is one of complete ease in functionality and top quality production of Hazelnut Paste. Having however acquired all necessary accreditation from the European food Industries, the company is now more than doubling its size and capacity , enabling to market its product to Whole Roast and Chopped Hazelnut buyers as well.

Turkish Roast Hazelnuts Factory

This factory is located in Ordu, Northern Turkey, right in the centre of the Turkish Hazelnut industry . The factory is one the oldest established and best equipped factory in its industry. The factory is fully accredited and approved by all major European Industries and is the only factory in the industry with two extensive laboratories, currently undergoing full European accreditation.