The control of the supply chain management and implementation of traceability from source, is one of the most important issues of today’s industry requirements. Correct sourcing, understanding the environment in origin countries are therefore paramount to Voicevale’s business plan. In order to ensure compliance with these issues, Voicevale’s specialist traders continuously travel the globe to inspect crops, review weather conditions which will affect crop development and implement procedures which will ensure a quality product is delivered to its customers.


Almost all of our products get transported by containers, in large vessels. Voicevale Group’s purchasing power ensures preferential rates with shipping lines and attention to detail when it comes to delivering clean , problem free containers. The Voicevale group, currently moves more than 2500 containers a year; this is about 10 containers every single working day of the year.

Quality Control

Consistency in good quality can only be achieved by ensuring origin factories maintain good manufacturing practices and implement internationally recognized quality control standards. Voicevale’s primary aim is to direct all its factories to implement Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Point, (HACCP) standards, and attain the best possible quality products. All Voicevale products are tested at origin prior to shipment, and on arrival, to ensure they comply with customer specifications and local Food & Safety Acts.


Present day economic conditions have necessitated most of our customers to ask for Just In Time deliveries. As shipping schedules can be unpredictable and Import restrictions at various ports can delay the custom clearance of some products, Voicevale has arranged to have a minimum of two warehouses in all the countries it operates. Voicevale stores its products in audited and approved, clean, bright, well operated warehouses and delivers on time, palletized, as per individual customer requirements.