Sales Strategy

Our Sales Strategy is very much influenced by the changing needs of our customer base around Europe and China. In an ever demanding market place, customers require product quality that adhere to strict specifications and ‘just in time’ deliveries. As a result, Voicevale directors felt the need to have a presence in strategic countries around Europe to serve customers from local offices.

Through organic growth, Voicevale increased its European presence from London in 1981, to Paris in 1994, Hamburg in 1999 and Istanbul in 2012. The Beijing office was opened in 1996 as a rep office and became a fully fledged subsidiary, selling to local industries in 2008 .

Experienced and trained to suit each individual countries’ needs and demands, staff in Voicevale offices around Europe, have the ability to attain and maintain the highest standards in sales, quality assurance and advice for all of the commodities traded.

Voicevale traders are specialists in the products they deal in. Suppliers are audited to ensure their factories’ standards are in accordance with the standards set by our customers.

We also advise our suppliers on hygiene requirements, quality assurance standards and appropriate technology to achieve the required standards. Armed with daily updates from around the world on crop conditions, world demand and supply, as well as forthcoming legislation, one of Voicevale traders’ most important role is to give impartial advice to its customers on the expected price movements in their individual markets.